mightyspark services.

website design

master first impressions.

Not too boring, Not too crazy, Just right...

First impressions of your website are often the first glance into your organization. We are here to help make sure that is a positive experience for your viewers. Our designs are custom made for your company, not some off-the-shelf cookie cutter look that makes you blend into the crowd. We offer several options for the design process, catering to your project, to ensure we arrive at a final design that is just right.

After all, have you ever heard of someone having a first impression that was too good?

web software development

make it work for you.

What has your website done for you lately?

Maybe it's pretty, like a brochure. Maybe it even has your mission statement. But are you really getting the most out of it? Even the most basic websites can benefit from some added functionality - an email sign-up to collect leads, an interactive guide to your services, or maybe a members-only area.

We have the experience to offer suggestions and ideas on how to make your website work for you, not just sit there and look pretty.

content management systems

keep it fresh.

A shiny red apple right off the tree, a daisy picked from a field, that elusive new car smell - fresh is good.

Having a website that maintains up-to-date information about your organization's news and events is one of the best ways to demonstrate you are current and a mainstay in your industry. The backend solutions that we create will give you the freedom to share what's happening at your organization with your viewers, almost as quickly as it happens!

The solutions we provide can be fully customized to your organization, making sure they fit your needs and skill level perfectly. We charge no subscription fees, so once the website is yours it is all yours - code, design and all.

flash development

ooooh, shiny.

It is no longer 1998 and Flash is no longer just a spinning company logo or bouncing ball.

Adding a little pizazz to your page will add life and excitement, and let your visitors know you are with the times. Whether it is just a sophisticated image transition or a full Flash driven website we can help you figure out the right balance of Flash to implement on your website - keeping it hip but still professional.

search engine optimization

find that needle in the haystack.

What is better than building a great website? Building a great website that people can find.

When we build our websites, we work with our clients to ensure they are optimized for search engines. We understand that the industry of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is increasingly as important as the website itself, and accordingly we discuss plans to reach as many visitors as possible. It may be as simple as optimizing your site to be found organically, or maybe starting a paid campaign is the answer. No matter what the solution is, we're here to help.

content development

watch what you say.

11 seconds. For what? To prove to your viewer that you have something worth saying.

Yup. That's what studies show. After 11 whole seconds of scanning the page, the viewer will leave your site if you don't give them something worth staying for. That doesn't leave much time for error. Let us help you craft your words into a web-friendly voice that delivers the information you need, fast.

database implementation

keep it simple.

The brains behind the site, and you, is your database. Put your news articles, contact leads or members lists in the hands of your database.

Storing your information in a database is the best way to keep your website manageable. Enter the information once and have it populate on your site in 12 different places, or 17, or 20, or...well you get the idea. Many of our clients find that they end up using their website database as their main information warehouse, forgoing outdated desktop solutions.

e-mail marketing

it isn't spam if it's good for you.

They found you and your pretty new website. They're interested in what you do. Now, here comes the exciting part - they want to know more!

Online marketing comes full circle when you can reach your constituents with email marketing campaigns. We create custom e-mail templates to match your freshly designed website, set you up with leading providers of e-mail marketing software, and through the magic of the internet your contacts will have an enticing e-mail in their inbox.

usability testing

smooth operator.

Are we there yet? Well, almost. Your site should run smoothly, without any bumps in the road.

Once the build-out is complete, we go through our websites carefully to make sure each piece is working together seamlessly, often employing those entirely new with the project to give it a fresh eye. With everything that a website can be, it is critical that all the elements work together. Post-launch we can review the website statistics and work with you to ensure the visitors are reaching the goals set for them.