from granola to suits, and everything in between - we can help.

Mightyspark Industries is a website design and development agency. We currently have two locations - Washington DC and Boulder CO. We combine the positivity and optimism of Boulder with the practicality and action of DC to create the website you need. Several of our larger clients are in the Boston area, and for the right project, can take on work from almost anywhere. After all, that is the beauty of the Internet. Our clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to multimillion dollar non-profits.

We enjoy working for good causes (karma + 1) and the arts (sophistication + 1), but we are such web geeks we can make any project exciting. Together we can reach your goals - be it to generate leads, gain publicity, produce sales, or a space to provide information for your constituents.

story so far.

Once upon a time, before YouTube embarassed millions, Paris Hilton went to jail and Mightyspark was formed, the founder worked full-time in the web industry for another agency. A couple years later said founder came to the realization that it was crazy and borderline robbery to charge these so-called 'agency fees'.

Agency rate: $175/hour

Developer pay: $25/hour*

*And believe-you-me when we tell you that said developer at said agency did most of the work

(fast forward a couple more years)

One client leads to another, and as it turns out there are a lot of people out there that appreciate high quality work without the sky-high rates. Now we have traded in our "freelancer" title for that of an "agency" - but don't worry, we are only adopting the craftsmanship of the agency world, not the prices.

We fully support open-source development, often utilizing PHP and mySQL to meet our clients needs. What does that mean to you? Same quality work with none of your hard-earned cash going into big corporate pockets.

After all, it only takes one mighty spark to start something big.

our team.

We have a full range of skills and personalities on our team. The geeky programmer, creative copy writer, flash guru, and even a classic print guy when we are forced to venture out of the web world.